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Eat Right On-Site: Top Tips For Being Healthy At Work

You’re a fit lot, we know that. You’re on your feet grafting for 8, 10, 12 hours a day, so we’re not here to lecture you about keeping fit on-site. But it’s easy to forget that maintaining a good level of health and fitness stems from what we eat. So here are a few tips on the wonderful world of good grub.



Let’s not beat around the bush here: how well-balanced are your lunches?  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves not to head down to the butty van and that we don’t need that 4th bourbon with our afternoon brew!

Although many of us lead active lifestyles, we get so fixated on exercise and movement that we forget about what we’re eating. A recent study by Voucherscode suggested that 23% of construction workers will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on-site at least twice a week. That means a lot of you will eat as many, if not more, meals on-site as you do at home; making it all the more important to eat properly at work. It fills us up for longer, regulates our blood sugar levels and gives us far more energy.

We aren’t expecting you to start having debates over whether you prefer rye bread or sourdough to accompany your quinoa and avocado salad straight away, but everyone has to start somewhere. Our top tip is to bring your own; when you buy food from a van, shop or takeaway, it usually includes far more salt, fat and sugar than if you just made it yourself.



We all know that brown bread is far healthier than white. But what are we putting in between these little slices of wholemeal goodness? Store-bought meats like ham, chicken and turkey can often be full of water and generally lacking in nutrients; so try to use different options.

A really easy alternative is to bang a full chicken in the oven on a Sunday for your roast and then use the leftovers for your sandwiches the next few days. Always make sure you’re getting some veg in there too; salad, cucumber, tomatoes… you know the score. Sandwiches can be healthy, but make sure you aren’t eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!



When we say salad, we aren’t talking about a few sad leaves, we’re talking a Tupperware box full of tasty nutritional goodness which will keep you ticking over till tea time. Take a base of carbs (brown pasta/rice, potatoes, cous cous), add some veggies (cooked veg or salad leaves), a protein of your choice (bit of chicken, a few rashers of bacon, maybe a spot of hummus) and then top with a sauce or dressing of your choosing. The right types of carbs will give you that much-needed slow-release energy, the veggies provide the vitamins and the protein will keep you filled up for longer. Job done.



Don’t worry about dramatically changing your diet overnight. Try to introduce a few healthy changes and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time. And of course, happy National Fitness Day!


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