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Drive Your Way To Success With These Tips

With so many choices out there, we don’t blame your clients if they’re struggling to decide on what materials to use for their driveway! So, it’s your job to make sure you offer the best advice possible and deliver the project professionally and quickly. Having a good understanding of the benefits and downsides of the common materials used is a good place to start.

From traditional block paving, to more modern solutions such as permeable paving, keeping up to date with the latest trends can be hard. So, our friends at Marshalls have offered their expertise by taking us back to basics and giving us all the details about the most used materials. Here they are…



Let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a bit of block paving! Durable and affordable while offering a high-end look, it’s clear why this will be the ‘go-to’ for most of your customers. They won’t be short of choice either, as it comes in a whole range of colours, materials and finishes.

At Marshalls, the extensive colours options of their Standard Concrete Block Paving makes it a best seller but there are plenty more choices out there. For example, you can achieve a more classic style with Drivesett® Tegula®.
However, when suggesting block paving, it’s important to make your clients aware that cleaning might be required to keep the vibrant colours. Remember, no driveway or patio is maintenance free!


Very similar to block paving in appearance, cobble driveways offer a more traditional, antique look. Again, these products are available in a huge variety of colours, shapes and styles, as is the case with Drivesys® Original Cobble. Cobble driveways are also durable, easily replaceable, simple to install as they come with a patented bumper feature and can be stain resistant if a sealant is used.


If sustainability is top of your client’s priorities, you should be recommending permeable paving such as Drivesett® Tegula® Priora. It’s new to the market and brings with it plenty of sustainable benefits. If your customer’s drainage systems are struggling to keep up with the famous British rain, they might end up battling flooding and damage. A common solution can be Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) such as soakaways and attenuation tanks, but these require planning permission.
Marshalls’ permeable paving offers the ideal solution without the need for these sorts of permissions. Their permeable range allows rainfall to drain away in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, as it passes between the blocks into a specially calculated sub-base.

For more information on the driveway solutions available, get in touch with your local branch or discover the full Marshalls range here.