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Customer-ready Quotes in Minutes

How long would you typically say it takes you to quote for a job? Around 2-3 hours to work out a price for all the materials, plus your time (with margins added) AND then any plant hire or additional labour costs?

You could guestimate the job, based on your previous, invaluable experience. But, if you can’t get the materials at the same price, or you slip up on calculations, you could end up with an aggy customer or a loss in profit.

Imagine taking away 90% of that time and effort, and providing your customer with an accurate quote in minutes. Just think of how much extra time you’d have to get started on the job! Or to just chill out in the evening, rather than sitting at your desk putting together your quotes…

Well, the dream can be a reality thanks to a new service that’s being launched by our sister brand Build Aviator Lite! It’s going to be available in Jewson branches early in 2019 – now that’s what we call a Happy New Year!

The Build Aviator Lite software takes the details of the project, such as measurements and dimensions, and generates a price for the whole lot. What’s more, the list generated will feature tools and products that are available and ready to collect from your local Jewson merchant – it really is that simple.

Coming in 2019, you’ll also be able create a personalised report containing all the details of the quote from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in world in fact, by purchasing the Build Aviator Lite software package.

Keep your eyes peeled on the @Jewson and @BuildAviatorUK social media channels for more info.