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A Chip Off The Old Concrete Block

When it comes to essential building products, old habits die hard – we like what we know and we know what we like. This is especially true for bricks with traditional clay still being used across most of the country. But when these much-loved materials are in short supply, we’re forced out of our comfort zones and made to explore the unknown.

After the brick shortage that affected the availability of traditional clay bricks across the country, the building industry had to think on its feet and find an alternative. The solution was concrete bricks. It’s safe to say much of the industry hasn’t welcomed this alternative with open arms, perceiving it as unsightly and cheaper– but that’s all about to change.

Thanks to new technology, concrete bricks are becoming just as good (if not better) than their clay counterparts. With manufacturers jumping on board (Persimmon Bricks going as far to set up their own concrete brick factory) we’re bound to see this manmade product becoming a common part of property design.

Not convinced? Here are just a few benefits of concrete bricks.



For many years concrete bricks have been used on social housing developments because of their affordable price tag. They offer quicker production times and use more affordable raw materials, so can help bring down the overall cost of your project.

Without compromising on quality, strength or durability, concrete bricks perform just as well as clay at a fraction of the cost.


If the affordability wasn’t enough to persuade you, why not consider the creativity you can have when it comes to bespoke designs. Unlike clay bricks where the colour and texture are determined by the type of clay found in particular areas, you can do far more with concrete bricks.

Given that over the past few years there have been lots of developments in manufacturing techniques, concrete bricks are no longer just grey slabs. With higher pigment to resemble your favourite clay brick, you really can’t tell the difference. New techniques such as tumbling or firing ball bearings at the brick, to emulate popular designs or go off-piste and make something unique, are also improving their texture.


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