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Cementing A More Environmentally Friendly Future With Hanson

Recent events have shone a fresh light on efforts to tackle climate change. With reports of reduced carbon emissions and waters clearing in lockdown, there is an appetite to continue on this positive path. The building trade has a big part to play. At present over half (59%) of the UK’s annual 203 tonnes of waste comes from construction and just under a quarter of that can be recycled.

With this in mind, Hanson, a leading cement manufacturer, is doing its bit to secure a better future and make the construction industry more sustainable. Here’s how…


There’s no question that the construction industry can’t function without its key materials – cement being one of them. For decades, cement has been packaged in durable, plastic packaging to stop it being damaged when stored on site. With the British weather being famously unpredictable, packaging needs to be weatherproof to stop it falling foul to rain and other elements. This is especially important on site, where storage can be limited and materials may have to be kept outdoors.

In addition to the need for packaging to be weatherproof, a recent customer interview carried out by Hanson showed that one of the main gripes with cement packaging is around the strength of the bag and corners failing.

So, what if a bag could be weatherproof, strong and sustainable? That’s where Hanson comes in.


Introducing Hanson’s new tough paper bag. Not only does it contain 95% less plastic, it is 50% stronger than the average paper bag* and is weather resistant for short-term outdoor storage. Same cement, different bag! For you on site, you won’t be able to notice the difference, but this innovation is a brilliant step forward when it comes to a more sustainable construction industry.


It seems as if the cement industry isn’t stopping there! With developments such as low-carbon cement and even fully recyclable packaging (that can be dissolved as you mix the product) becoming more and more popular, the future looks to be a more sustainable one.


You can pick up your newly packaged Hanson cement at your local Jewson branch. Get in touch with them for more information.

*As per independent testing, for more information visit www.hanson.co.uk