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Cabin Fever

The use of cabins and summerhouses in gardens in the UK is a trend that is definitely here to stay. With unpredictable summer weather and the need to try and maximise as much space as we can at home – they’re a firm favourite and well worth talking to your customers about.

One of the reasons why they’ve proved so popular is that cabins and summerhouses are just so versatile. They can be used as an office, games room, gym, play area for the kids or simply somewhere to shelter from the bad weather in the middle of a BBQ!

The good news is that we’ve got a wide range of timber cabins and summerhouses to suit. From the Marsden Cabin, Baltic Chalet, the Kestrel, the Chatsworth, Arley and Eaton Cabins – there’s a diverse range to choose from.

Take a couple of minutes to look at our dedicated Landscaping website and view our range of cabins! www.jewsonlandscaping.co.uk