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Businesses Back WWF-UK’S Call For Low-carbon Britain

We are one of 80 top UK businesses, co-ordinated by WWF-UK, asking the Prime Minister to build a low-carbon economy.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister published in the Financial Times early this month, we call on the government to take action to combat climate change. WWF-UK is leading calls for a new approach to governance that places low-carbon growth and the responsible management of natural capital at the heart of economic policy.

We are calling on the government to:

  • Seek a strong global climate deal in Paris in December which limits temperature rise to below 2oC
  • Set an ambitious 5th carbon budget to drive further reductions in UK emissions
  • Establish a long-term framework for investment in the low-carbon economy

As a company that invests and leads the way in creating sustainable habitats, we know that a cleaner, greener Britain is good for people as well as boosting the UK economy.

A long-term commitment to reducing the energy consumption of homes will have a big impact on the way society maintains and manages its existing housing stock, improving the lives of millions and minimising climate risk. Clearer long-term incentives for investment in renewable and efficient technologies would also create new jobs and international trade.

We have been a member of WWF-UK’s Global Forest Trade Network since 1998, and are proud to support their campaign to build a low-carbon economy.

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