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Builders’ Valentine’s Day gift guide

Valentine’s Day might be the last thing on your mind, but consider this: if you leave it too late to start hinting to your better half, you may end up with a teddy bear clutching a love heart. Again.

We’ve searched high and low for the best (and occasionally baffling) trade and love related gifts, that you can start casually waving in front of your partner now.

Hammer it home

Is there a better symbol of love than a hammer with your name engraved on it? We think not. That’s definitely what you should tell your partner while showing them this Personalised Wooden Hammer.

Pencil it in

Many trades burn through pencils like nobody’s business – especially if you leave one behind your ear then forget about it…  

Pencils engraved with your name (or perhaps a lewd message) are undeniably a great talking point on-site. Get that link sent to your loved one now.

Take your love to the next level

When you encounter true love, it can feel like your SPIRITS are one.  

So, get on the same LEVEL by asking for the ultimate symbol of love: a Jewson Spirit Level 700mm with Ruler!  

It’s sure to keep you on the STRAIGHT and narrow, that’s for sure… (we’ll stop now).

Brew up some romance

Let’s face it, you don’t see enough bricks day to day and need another in your life. Enter, this lovely… brick shaped mug.

It’s a literal builder’s brew! Geddit?!  

It also claims to be “almost as sturdy as the real thing”, a claim we’d be curious to test… get it on the gift list.

Lay it on thick

If you really want to cement your relationship, a personalised trowel is a clear winner.  

There you have it. Which of these are you going to ask for? So much choice…