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BOB’s guide to…roofs

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.

Not really, that’s not a real roof fact.

But we have put together a great list to help you with your next roofing project. Much like a good roof, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t leave it to chance 

Roofing estimates can be tricky – if only there was somewhere you could just input your plans and get an estimate that includes all the materials you’d need.

Oh, wait. That exists. Just send us your plans in PDF format and our team will send you a free roofing estimate. Contact them at [email protected]

Get your regs pegged 

Swot up on the new Code of Practice before starting any roofing job. For example, mortar alone can’t be used to fix ridges and hips. To solve this, ensure they’re mechanically fixed or use a dry-fix system – it’s quicker to install and gives high level roof space ventilation.

Consistency is key 

When using tiles from a certain manufacturer, make sure you use the clips and fixings made by them too. Fixings can vary slightly depending on who makes them so use the same brand for a better finish.

Use your head(lap) 

Working on a new project? If there’s a lot of rain in that area you won’t just need a big brolly. Use a rain exposure map to help you choose the correct slate size and minimum headlap. The headlap can be increased to up to one third of the length of the slate.

We’ve got you covered 

Did you know we have 110 specialist roofing branches nationwide? Well, now you do. Pop in and see us for a roof over your head (and your customers’).

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