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BOB’s guide to… van-friendly footy podcasts

You’ve got a big drive ahead. Hours of you, your van and the open road. Which, we think, is a PERFECT opportunity to get stuck into some van-friendly footy podcasts.

Here are BOB’s favourites.

Football Fives

Five blokes. Five questions about football. Every week. It’s nice to have a bit of structure in your life, isn’t it?

The Gaffer Tapes

There aren’t just podcasts about real football. Oh no. There are podcasts about fake football as well. If you’re top of your Fantasy Football league (or further down the table…) you’ll appreciate this weekly podcast.

Alan Brazil Up Front

Get the biggest stories in football from the ones in the know: Alan Brazil, Mike ‘Porky’ Parry plus special guests. We’re even giving you the chance to be our ‘Fan in the Van’ with Alan – here’s how.

Sky Sports EFL Weekly Podcast

A round up of the English Football League weekend action for those of us who are a bit more Exeter City than Manchester City.

The Football Ramble

Sometimes, you just want pure football banter. And that’s what these guys deliver. It’s like being down the pub with your mates.

The Warm Up: talkSPORT

This one is every Saturday and Sunday, 11am-1pm, looking at the week’s football fixtures and speaking to fans at the heart of the action. It’s a lighthearted listen that’s perfect for week days too.