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BOB’s guide to looking the part

When you’re off to a job, it goes without saying that you’ll be sorted for safety – with your hard-hat, high-vis and work boots in-hand. But what about all the other stuff you need to stay warm, safe, comfortable – not to mention, dashingly stylish?

Don’t fret because BOB, Jewson’s monthly newsletter, has put together this guide to looking, and feeling, the part on-site.

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

 Pockets in trousers, pockets in shorts, pockets in gilets – in our humble opinion you simply can’t have enough pockets when you’re on-site. The essential ones are your holster and cargo pockets, though, so your tools are nice and near to your hands. As for the rest of them, well, you’ll need space for your phone, your keys, your cash, spare bricks… until they invent construction handbags, pockets are the way to go.

Padding in all the right places

Concrete floors, sharp edges, hours and hours of standing up… there are a lot of reasons why padding in the right places is simply essential on-site. Trousers and jeans with padded knees are a must, while socks with reinforced heels and toes, plus increased arch support, can make a huge difference.

When it comes to proper knee pads, the choice is yours: elastic straps or slotted in your knee pocket? Flexible or gel-filled? There are just so many options, so you ‘knee-d’ to find what’s right for you.

Nice and cosy

We don’t need to tell you that it can get chilly on-site every now and again. We can’t get enough of the humble microfleece when it comes to layering and insulation in both cold and warm weather. Stick on a fleece hat under your hard hat, thermal undies under your trousers and more layers than you can shake a stick at. We’re big fans of gilets for being waterproof and windproof while leaving your arms free – plus we must say they’re at the height of style right now.

Staying chill

When you have to stay covered up but are feeling the heat, we recommend a jacket with a breathable mesh lining. Durable, comfortable work shorts are also a must – choose ones made of heavyweight, stain resistant fabric. Plus,  you can also protect your eyes while looking pretty fly with tinted, UV safety goggles.

Bang on-brand

Whatever you choose to wear on-site, we think it’s a really good idea to choose the colours according to your company’s branding. It can make the whole ‘squad’ look a lot more put-together and give your company some extra advertising. If you’ve the budget and the inclination, you can also get your brand name and contact details embroidered onto key items of workwear.

What are your workwear essentials? Tell us on Twitter using the #JewsonBOB hashtag.

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