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BOB’s guide to… being all healthy on-site

Let’s face it, you probably know everything there is to know about on-site health and safety. You have all the gear and the know-how.

So here at BOB, we want to take the chance to talk about on-site wellbeing and all that jazz – not just the stuff about hard hats and hi viz.

Buckle up, we’ll get you in tip-top condition in no time.


We’re sure you know that eating right can improve your health and give you more energy for work and all the stuff you enjoy in life.

We also know that many of you are on the healthy eating train already, with builders being TEN times more likely to eat fruit and yoghurt for breakfast than a Full English. Smug.

If you’re still figuring out this nutrition thing, start by jumping on the meal prep bandwagon.

It’s easy: prepare your lunches in bulk on a Sunday and eat them through the week. There are loads of good ideas on, dare we say it… Pinterest.

Warning: you’ll need a LOT of Tupperware (or Mason jars, if you’re feeling fancy).


Who doesn’t enjoy catching those precious Zs?

But if you’re not getting enough, it can really affect your performance on and off site, as well as your general state of mind.

Our advice here is simple:

  • Cut out things that get your brain all excited at least an hour before bed, including alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes
  • Don’t stare at screens before bed (or in bed!). It tricks your brain into thinking it’s still day time. There are apps which remove the blue light from your phone screen and dim it after a certain time of day. It works!
  • If you’re a bit of a nocturnal worrier, keep a note pad on your bedside table. If you’re obsessing over something, get it written down and promise yourself you’ll think about it in the morning


Exercise. It’s important.

If you work in a trade it’s likely you’re on your feet a lot and lead a fairly active lifestyle, even if it’s only on-site.

And we know you’re an active lot, as our Builders’ Survey found that 38% of you exercise at least three times a week.

If you’re finding it tricky to get active, try going on a jog around the block, cycling on the weekends or having a splash around at the local baths.

You could even try a spot of builders’ yoga…


The key to good habits is consistency. Trust us on this one. They say that if you do something three times it’ll become a habit. So if you do something healthy, do it again. And again.

Being mindful can be a huge help in noticing when you need to look after yourself a bit better. Here are five steps to instant mindfulness, whenever you need it:

  1.  Find a quiet place or moment
  2.  Keep your gaze soft (that means focus on a point in the near-distance, but not too hard) or close your eyes (unless you’re hammering)
  3.  Start to notice things by listening to them. Start with the sound of your breath in your head and then move your focus further and further out – small sounds in the room, then your house, then birds and traffic outside. Notice how you start hearing more the more you focus
  4.  If you find thoughts creeping into your mind, acknowledge them but try not to obsess. This gets easier with time
  5.  While you’re feeling calm and mindful, take stock of how you feel – both in your head and your body

There, better?


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