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A bright idea from VELUX®

Lots of homeowners are choosing to add more space to their homes with extensions, but this can end up leaving the original rooms looking a little dark and dingy in comparison.

BOB recently caught up with those bright sparks at VELUX to find out more about the benefits of bringing light to a single storey extension by using roof windows.

  1. Did you know natural light is proven to perk you up? So any additional light in a space could help bring a big smile to anyone entering it.
  2. You might think roof windows are hard work to keep ship-shape and shiny, but in reality they are designed to be maintenance free, making them ideal for out-of-reach areas.
  3. Say goodbye to awkwardly reaching for that high roof window. Remote control roof windows, blinds and shutters from the VELUX INTERGRA® range are perfect for letting the sunshine through with a touch of a button.
  4. Roof windows are a great way of expelling nasty kitchen odours. They add extra ventilation to humid rooms so you can bid farewell to lingering food smells.
  5. Did you know installing roof windows can bring twice as much light into a room compared to vertical windows alone? Roof windows can carry light into that gloomy middle room and brighten up a space.
  6. Roof windows increase your exposure to natural light during the day, which could lead to a better night’s sleep.
  7. Nothing beats admiring a glorious sunset, so being able to see the beautiful colours from your home is bound to improve your mood.
  8. Flat roof extension? No problem, curved glass rooflights are perfect. They let the drizzly British weather slide away leaving a clear view of the slightly stormy sky. There’s nothing we can do about the weather though, sorry.

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