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A Breath of Fresh Air: Innovative Ventilation Solutions with Timloc

These days, the majority of the population – including most of your customers – only venture outside on their daily walk or for those essential tasks. So, it’s understandable that customers are becoming more aware of indoor air quality (sometimes referred to as IAQ), and are looking for more innovative ways to get fresh air into their homes.

Opening a window may be the default way of letting in some fresh air, but in some rooms, this just can’t be done – such as bathrooms without windows, or rooms with sky lights that were installed purely for lighting purposes. Customers living in noisy urban settings may also be more reluctant to opening windows due to excess noise. And although we’re now moving into spring, opening a window during cold winter months isn’t realistic either. So, how else can you get fresh air into the home?

To improve air quality, a good ventilation system is essential, as this keeps a continuous air flow and stops air becoming stale. Traditionally, ventilation systems can involve lots of different components and products, which can make installation a lengthy and tricky process. Luckily, there are some new ventilation products out there that can make working on these jobs a breeze (if you’ll pardon the pun).

We caught up with manufacturers, Timloc, to find out more about the importance of ventilation, and how their products can form part of the perfect solution.

Why is indoor air quality so important?

You might have assumed that with climate change and increased pollution levels in cities, indoor air would be less polluted than outdoors. Wrong. In reality, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted, so it’s safe to say that proper ventilation is key.

So, how much harm can poor indoor air quality really do? Common symptoms that come with spending time in a polluted environment are shortness of breath, feeling wheezy and you might develop a cough. Poor indoor air quality has also been linked to more serious illnesses, such as pneumonia and lung cancer.

It’s not just physical health that can be affected by poor ventilation, but mental wellbeing as well. By creating well ventilated spaces for your customers and suggesting the latest innovations, you can provide them with more comfortable and enjoyable homes.

How can ventilation help?

The government is pushing for homes to be healthier and more sustainable, and so it’s likely that demand for solutions that improve IAQ, such as ventilation, will be on the rise. This means it’s important that you stay clued up on these products, and are familiar with the solutions that can help you meet these requirements.

A quick solution to better ventilation is a combination system such as the Timloc Adapt-Air, which is stocked at Jewson branches. Rather than having to source individual components, this handy airbrick adaptor kit comes so it’s ready to install straight out of the box. This means you’re saving on time and money (up to £250 per job to be precise) as there’s no need for external fitters, core drillings or any specialist tools that would typically be needed when connecting an internal fan to a duct.

On top of all that, it looks good as well! You can say goodbye to unsightly gravity flap vents or filling kits, as the kit has been designed to be built-in as part of the brickwork – not cutting into it – offering a snug fit. You’ll also have the choice of seven airbrick colour options, meaning minimal impact on the aesthetic of your customer’s home.

If your customers are considering installing a better ventilation system, speak to a member of staff in our branches to find out more, or visit the Jewson or Timloc websites.