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6 signs you were made for the trade

As the old saying goes, when you know, you know. Check out our top signs that you’ve been a trade from day one…

  1. Bob the Builder was your childhood hero…he’s an inspiration to us all.
  2. You swapped plasticine for polycell roughly aged 3…non-adhesives don’t cut it when you were made for the trade.
  3. Grandpa needs a light switch changing? Lemme get my screwdriver…you were always willing to help out less-adept family members. It was your duty and your privilege.
  4. Those plastic bricks…you know the ones we mean. The foundations, nay, the building blocks of your future career (literally).
  5. “Mine’s milk with two sugars” has been a key part of your vocabulary since you turned 14…can’t beat a good brew.
  6. Maths GCSE: AKA the time you learned the true value of the straight line…someone get out the spirit level…