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5 Apps That Make Site Life Simpler

If there’s one thing that all trades have in common, it’s that they’re always looking for better ways to work, that make life simpler and quicker.

So, look no further than these apps, which can help you to improve efficiency and productivity on-site.


‘Todoist’ lets you compile to-do lists, set due dates and times for your tasks, organise them into project, add priority levels and set reminders. Your responsibilities are categorised by level of urgency. For example: “Meet Jack on pitch at 3pm #football” will be given a lower level of priority than “Skype conference with Mike at 11am #meeting”, which will therefore have more alerts and warnings. Your to-do lists can be also be synchronised across all of your devices, so you can check it on your phone at work and your computer at home.



Have a client that you need to get a contract to ASAP? Got a deadline and can’t find a scanner? Run out of paper in your printer? As long as you have a smartphone and the ‘CamScanner’ app, you’re good to go. With this app you can scan documents straight onto your phone by simply taking a photo of them – this also includes invoices, receipts, business cards and more. You can then forward the clear and visible document straight on to clients on the spot, saving the hassle of printing, scanning, sending, etc, etc, etc…



‘AutoCAD’ lets you draw highly detailed diagrams on your smartphone or tablet with just the touch of your finger. Plans for rooms, buildings, gardens and even entire estates can be doodled quickly without compromising on quality. This is perfect for construction engineers, assessors, architects and designers. It’s easy to use, ideal for those on the move, and its autosave technology means you don’t need to panic about losing your work!


Carpenter’s Helper Lite

‘Carpenter’s Helper Lite’ is an advanced construction calculator which is able to tackle even the most complicated of construction-based maths problems. Whether you own a construction company, a small DIY firm, or just enjoy carpentry, this app will undoubtedly make your life easier. It looks particularly useful for precision woodworking, converting decimals, and fractional math – ideal for those without the time to translate hundreds of sums (which, let’s face it, is all of us).



The time management app, ‘Hours’, allows users to keep track of working hours (the clue’s in the name really isn’t it), shifts and schedules. Specific timers, which record the hours of work you have completed throughout the day/week/month, can be stopped and started, helping you to become more aware of how much you have worked and how much you should expect in your bank account next payday.