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WISA-Twin Plywood – The Sustainable Option

WISA–Twin represents a step forward in plywood manufacturing using timber from sustainable, well-managed PEFC forests. It has a softwood spruce core and a hardwood birch face.

WISA-Twin has many benefits – it’s lightweight and easy to handle, minimizes health and safety issues and has good machining properties. Also, WISA-Twin plywood is much easier to paint and stain and due to its softwood core it’s lighter than other plywoods, yet still retains all the structural and weather resistant features that traditional plywood has. It is priced as a viable alternative to traditional plywood.

Now we’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and by using WISA-Twin you can save endangered species of trees and wildlife – WISA-Twin will help construction companies reduce the environmental impact of their activity. Being sourced from Finland and not the Far East also greatly reduces the carbon footprint involved in the manufacture and transportation of the product.

WISA-Twin plywood is a great choice for a wide range of jobs and provides high quality at an affordable price!

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