BOB’s guide to… being all healthy on-site

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Let’s face it, you probably know everything there is to know about on-site health and safety. You have all the gear and the know-how.

So here at BOB, we want to take the chance to talk about on-site wellbeing and all that jazz – not just the stuff about hard hats and hi viz.

Buckle up, we’ll get you in tip-top condition in no time.

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Behind closed doors

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Doors are good, aren’t they? Here at BOB we feel like people don’t think about doors enough.

They open. They close. They lead to new places. There are 1,514 of them in Buckingham Palace alone. They even released popular rock music in the early 1970s.

When you’re choosing interior doors to fit in a home, office or anywhere else, there are a few important factors to consider before you decide.

We’ve teamed up with Premdor to open the door on everything you need to know.

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Meet The Team: David Kilby

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As well as providing our customers with the right materials for any job, we want to ensure the ordering, collection and delivery process is as efficient as possible. David Kilby, Operations Director at Jewson, explains how his team help to keep Britain’s builder’s building.

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Oh so quiet: how to reduce noise in homes

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Following building regs is a must. But sometimes that’s just not going to deliver the kind of acoustic benefits your customers are after.

When you build or extend a home, you need to think about where noise issues could arise. Would it be noise from next door: rowdy neighbours or howling hounds? Or noise transferring from room to room – the kids playing X-box next to dad’s home office? Once you’ve worked out which it is (or if it’s both) here are the solutions you need to give your customers some peace and quiet.

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How I Built My… with Bantering Bob

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Ryde. Jewsons retiring manager Bob Niblett, left, hands the keys to his successor Andy Warne.

Bob Niblett recently retired from our Ryde branch after 49 years of dedicated service to our company and a fair bit of banter.

BOB caught up with Bob to chat about his career, the value of banter and what he’s getting up to in his retirement.

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