Taste these Juicy deals…

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BOB_Image_Parts_Sept17_HowIBuiltMyWe like to think we’re good to you. Through our Juice rewards scheme, you can enjoy loads of great gifts, freebies and experiences just by shopping with us.

But this is a particularly delicious development.

We’ve teamed up with tastecard to give you access to some of the UK’s best restaurants, for less. Read full article »

Stag and hen dos (and don’ts)

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BOB_Image_Parts_Aug17_Story 5StagsYou’ve survived the ‘banter’ in the group Whatsapp, you’ve forked out for the flights and packed your bags. Yes, your mate’s ‘final night of freedom’ is finally here.

But there are some important dos and don’ts you need to remember. BOB is here to remind you.

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Blagger’s guide to… F1

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BOB_Image_Parts_Aug17_formularAugust is a great time for the petrol heads of the world. The month-long wait is finally over and F1 is back full throttle following its summer break. But what if you don’t have a need for speed?

No one wants to be on the receiving end of blank stares after mistaking the meaning of ‘pole position’, trust us.

Fear not, if you’re not already fluent in F1, BOB is here to help you avoid the embarrassment with some good old fashioned blagging.

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Meet Mick Ives, a man on a mission

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BOB_Image_Parts_Aug17_Story1MickMick Ives can definitely be described as a man on a mission.

Back in 2005, this 81-time Championship winner became the first rider to ride the Tour de France route, solo.

He is also the only British racer to race both Road and Cyclo Cross events every single year without a break for over 60 years – his whole career!

This year, at the age of 77, he decided to ride the route of the Giro di Italia (3,600km).

We talked to him to find out how and why he does it.

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How I Built My… with Ben Kuchta

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BOB_Image_Parts_Aug17_HowIBuiltMyBenKuchtaGas technician. Technology consultant. Inventor. Life saver. Horse rider. These are all words you could use to describe gas technician, Ben Kuchta.

He was highly commended in our Young Tradesperson of the Year awards for his life-saving device that turns off defective gas appliances when carbon monoxide is detected.

Well worth reading what he has to say we reckon!

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Fill Your Skills Gap

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BOB_Image_Parts_Aug17_LeadImgApprenticesWe all know that a lack of young, skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry.

With more and more people turning their backs on university, apprenticeships present a huge opportunity for employers.

We’re here to give some helpful tips whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship or, an apprentice!

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Game of Trades

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BOB_Image_Parts_Jul17_Story 5 copy

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones and wondered, “which of these scheming families would I belong to?”

Well, BOB has.

Grab a map of the seven Kingdoms and enjoy.
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A Juicy surprise for Dave!

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Picture the scene. You get a phone call from our Juice rewards scheme team saying you’ve won 250,000 Juice points. That’s enough for a holiday – a good one too.

Well, that’s the position Jewson customer, Dave Fussell, was in.

We had a chat to him about how he’s planning to spend the points and whether fame has gone to his head…

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