Lasso those cowboy clients

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Yeehaw, partners.

You may have heard of cowboy builders (and taken a great deal of care to set yourself apart from them) but we’re sure you’ve also seen your share of cowboy clients in your time, too.

You know the type.

“I’ll pay you next week – no, next week – no, next week…”

Or the kinds who make diva-ish demands on a par with Van Halen asking all the brown M&Ms to be removed from their dressing room…

In reality, though, it’s no laughing matter. According to research by the Federation of Master Builders, three out of four small and medium sized construction firms have suffered at the hands of these good-for-nothin’ clients. In extreme cases, 8% of the firms asked had almost gone out of business due to invoices remaining unpaid and more.

So, what can you do?

The Federation of Master Builders will be at this year’s Jewson Live to tell you all about this and lots of other helpful info. Sign up here.

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Rules of the road

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From 1 March 2017, the penalty for using your phone while driving doubled meaning now drivers will get six points and a £200 fine.

We get being close to your phone is important – it’s how you get calls from new customers, but nothing is worth putting yourself or other road users in harm’s way. Not even that hilarious Snapchat from your mates.

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Taste these Juicy deals…

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BOB_Image_Parts_Sept17_HowIBuiltMyWe like to think we’re good to you. Through our Juice rewards scheme, you can enjoy loads of great gifts, freebies and experiences just by shopping with us.

But this is a particularly delicious development.

We’ve teamed up with tastecard to give you access to some of the UK’s best restaurants, for less. Read full article »