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Stock up then lock up!

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According to the UK’s police unit dedicated to vehicle crime, the ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS), the Ford Transit van is top of a car thief’s hit list. A trade professional’s favourite, it’s often targeted because there could be tools left inside the van and if thieves manage to make away with them – that’s you out of action and unable to earn!

So, investing in a quality lock-up for your tools makes good business sense. Next time you’re in your local Jewson, ask about the Van Vault 2 Black Limited Edition. It’s the original high tensile steel storage box for fixed installation into commercial vehicles. With a tamper-proof, single pin hinge and an anti-drill 70mm disc lock, it’s also now available with an anti-trap gas strut and an optional anti-tamper alarm.

We’ll also be stocking the Van Vault Roof Limited Edition Roof Tube, which is for the secure transportation of copper pipe and conduit. Lightweight but tough, with a carrying capacity of 34 lengths of 15mm tube it’s supplied with 2 padlocks and 3 keys.

Ask in your local Jewson for more details!

Landscaping website re-launched for 2012!

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In preparation for the summer months ahead we’ve re-launched our successful Landscaping website for all your gardening projects. So it’s now even easier to find all the products you need and either purchase them online or create a wish list to take into your local branch for a quote.

The best part is, if you’re after specialist products (sheds, arbours, arches etc) that won’t generally be available in branch – we now offer them online with free delivery!

There’s also a wealth of advice, on anything from landscaping gardens to creating a sustainable driveway. You name it – we’ve covered it!

Check it out today at and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Why the Building Trade Needs to Go Passivhaus/Carbon Neutral

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This week we invited Savoo to write an article about how the building trade can help with reducing the nation’s Co².

Savoo® is the next generation in voucher websites, where only live and verified deals and codes are maintained by a proactive deal team that pride themselves on giving visitors the best choice of offers from recognised merchants.

Reducing the nation’s Co² emissions is at the forefront of government policy at the moment, with a key aim to end fuel poverty for vulnerable households by 2010 and for all households by 2016. According to government targets, newly built homes will also need to be carbon neutral by 2016.

This change can only be achieved if all parties, including homeowners, those within the building trade and government departments, work in partnership to commit to energy efficient practices. A recent research report compiled by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) identified ‘the quantity and quality of new build housing’ as a key factor in reducing the 27% of the UK’s total carbon emissions that can be attributed solely to households.

In addition to this, the RICS report highlighted the following ways that homes can be made more energy efficient, all of which can be led by the building trade:

• Loft and cavity wall insulation

If everyone in the UK installed 270mm loft insulation, we could save nearly £500 million – and 2.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking nearly 100,000 cars off the road.

• Solid wall insulation

Internal insulation will save around £445 a year and 1.8 tonnes of Co². External insulation should save around £475 a year and 1.9 tonnes of Co².

• Replacement of older boilers with more energy efficient models

Replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler could save homeowners as much as £300 a year and 1,220kg of Co².

• More efficient appliances and lights

If you replace a traditional light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness, you will typically save around £3 per year, or £55 over the life of the bulb.

Choosing an A+ rated appliance will also create significant savings. For instance, an A rated 180-litre fridge freezer could cost only £36 a year to run, whereas a larger 525-litre fridge freezer with a better A+ rating would cost £49 a year to run.

Government policy

A Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) consultation paper entitled Heat and Energy Saving Strategy confirmed that it is “considering working with representatives of the building trade to design a voluntary
Code of Practice on energy efficiency and low carbon energy.”

The government has also altered building regulations to ensure that extensions and conversions will be required to meet higher standards of energy efficiency from the 1st October.

The DECC argue that this is expected to save two million tonnes of Co² per year by 2020, and could cut household energy bills by £100 per year.

Using Passivhaus as a model

Germany and Switzerland have already led the way in ultra-low energy buildings that have minimal carbon footprints. The Passivhaus (Passive House) standard for energy efficiency in a building, where a structure requires very little space for heating and cooling, has already been rolled out in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia. The movement is also beginning to have a presence in other parts of the EU and the US.

According to the Passive House standard, total primary energy (source energy for electricity and etc) consumption (primary energy for heating, hot water and electricity) must not exceed 120 kWh/m² per year. If we compare this to an average detached home, at 453 kWh/m² per year, this is a significant saving.

Ultimately, with a 181% increase in gas prices over the last decade, coupled with electricity increases that have been as much as 109%, the building trade could play an integral role in helping consumers make costs savings.

Kate Knight writes for , the money saving, voucher code and destination site for savvy shoppers.

Part 4 – Gary meets his team – The Jewson Self Build Team – Written by Lee Broomhall

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Gary was first alerted to our self build service after visiting the Jewson website ( – wanting more information on the self build process he put a call into the Self Build team and came through to me (0800 032 8968). I was able to explain to Gary that Jewson currently works with thousands of self builders and has vast experience in leading people through the process itself, from start to finish.


Key information for Gary was the fact that we have a dedicated team of self build experts that support self builders day in day out. I was also able to advise him that his local Branch Manager would be available to meet Gary on site to discuss the project in more detail. Gary’s decision to open a self build account with us has now given him the option to apply for a £20k credit limit and access to a dedicated term of prices which will be tailored to his specific project.

Gary commented after his first meeting, “I was genuinely surprised at what Jewson have in the way of support for the self builder, I am looking forward to working closely with the branch throughout the project and after conversations with the self build team I feel a lot less nervous about what I am about to undertake”.


Three Peaks Challenge raises £13,975 for Barnardo’s

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A team of 10, consisting of both Category and Procurement Managers, have just completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in aid of our charity partner Barnardo’s.

The team were joined by Peter Hindle MBE and collectively they trekked over 25 miles and a total ascent of 6000ft raising £13,975 along the way.

A big thank you to our suppliers and everyone who donated and helped us raise money for such a worthy cause!

Jewson appoints new Managing Director

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Jewson has today announced the appointment of Peter Stringer to the role of Managing Director. The appointment of Peter Stringer follows Jewson’s acquisition of Build Center earlier this year, creating an enhanced network of over 600 branches.

Peter Stringer brings a wealth of experience to Jewson, having worked for 30 years in the merchant sector, specifically within the Saint-Gobain business. Peter has both operational and branch expertise to draw from, having started working in the yard before progressing to Branch Manager at three separate Jewson branches. Peter then became an Area Manager for Jewson, before moving on to senior management roles, including most recently the Managing Director of Minster.

“Jewson’s large network of branches means there is a need for strong day to day support,” explained Peter Hindle MBE, “Peter Stringer combines a deep knowledge of the industry with a passionate drive to ensure the ongoing development of Jewson. I wish him every success in this role and look forward to working closely with him.”

For more information visit

Part 3 – One place for all your Self Build needs – Written by Gary King

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The internet has revolutionised the way that we communicate, work and do business. However it’s true power is in the fact that any wild claim, unverified theory or subject requiring further investigation can be researched immediately – or at least as soon as you get back from the pub. Winning football teams, guitarists in rock bands, who won The Boat Race in 1975 and in my case – do Jewson really have a dedicated Self Build division?


After looking up Jewson Self Build on a popular search engine it became immediately clear that they do. They promise to offer ‘professional advice, personal support and significant cost savings on all your materials and fittings.’

What’s not to like about that?

I also didn’t realise that Jewson have over 500 branches across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland and East Anglia to Wales. In fact there are two in Nottingham alone  –that’s a good start.

They also promise to get involved from day one of the project and their product range encompass every step of the build – basic materials, the roof, kitchen, bathrooms, landscaping and everything in between.

With a strap-line that reads – One Place For All Your Self Build Needs – this definitely calls for yet further investigation.

And it was Cambridge that won The Boat Race in 1975 – a feat they didn’t achieve again for another ten years.


Jewson and Grono artificial grass partnership – a landscaper’s dream!

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We have recently teamed up with Grono Lawns and have invited them to write a guest post for our blog this week.

Jewson, the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials, have struck an exclusivity agreement with Grono Lawns, offering the most realistic artificial grass ever seen on the market.

Remember the Astroturf of old? Artificial lawns have come a long way since then. The manufacturing technology is now so advanced that today’s artificial grass looks and feels just like the real thing – it’s no longer the spiky plastic carpet used by greengrocers. GRONO artificial grass is UV stable (unaffected by sunlight), has a 20 year life span, is child and pet friendly and gives you a maintenance-free lawn the whole family can enjoy all year round.

– No rain required
– No maintenance
– No brown patches
– Mud becomes a thing of the past

Landscaping products will always be an important part of Jewson’s product range. Hosepipe bans in today’s unpredictable climate cause no end of problems for grass – installing a GRONO lawn gives you a garden to be proud of. GRONO Lawns have developed a range to suit every requirement – from our 30mm basic lawn to 50mm luxury grass – you won’t believe it’s not real!

Your local Jewson branch sells everything you need to install your stunning, easy-to-fit Grono lawn, including:

– Anti-weed membrane
– Mot Type 1
– Sharp sand
– Slate Timber Batons

There is also an easy to follow video on our website Artificial Grass.

So if you want to beat the ban and effortlessly enjoy a manicured lawn all year round, visit your local Jewson Branch today. Remember, NO WEEDS!

Part 2 – Gary King’s Self Build journey continues – Written by Gary King

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A challenge. That’s what we shall call this self build project.

I’d like to say that nothing is ever as bad as it seems but now that we have the keys to our new property and are able to wander from room to room at a leisurely pace soaking up its true ambiance, I must admit to something approaching trepidation.


From the gargantuan pampas grass in the front garden to the mould clinging to corners to the damp that spreads like a bruise across sticky walls every last nook and cranny of our new property reeks of dilapidation. As I pace the floors stepping over the previous owner’s detritus, the wind howls through broken windows and I’m suddenly aware of the magnitude of the job in hand.

It was whilst mulling over how blind optimism can quickly turn into stark realisation that I was introduced to Jewson Self Build. As I waxed lyrical to a friend in the pub, who also happens to be a seasoned property developer, he mentioned that Jewson have a Self Build division and perhaps that would be a good place to start.

He’d heard good things. What had I got lose? Certainly no more sleep, that’s for sure.

Gary King’s partner Laura Warren shares her self build story

I have no background in buying and selling houses or renovating any kind of property at all. I owned my own house and lived on my own before meeting Gary and all I’d ever done in respect of DIY was to pay a man to replace the shower!

We had been looking at houses for months but hadn’t found anywhere that met our criteria for the right price. Everywhere that had already been ‘done up’ was not to our taste, or out of our budget, and houses that only needed basic changes were also priced too high.

We wanted to live in a fairly specific area but as the prices are relatively expensive in this area finding a property that needed a lot doing to it meant we could purchase somewhere at a decent price. We could spend some other money on renovating and then end up with a house that was worth more than what we had invested. That’s the theory anyway – it remains to be seen what will happen!

The house scared the life out of me when I first saw it and I swung the other way initially – wanting to buy somewhere that was finished and ready to move into as the task ahead seemed too big to tackle. As I viewed the property every crack meant subsidence and every bit of mould meant rot.

Everything, and I mean everything appeared to me to need replacing. The time-scale and money necessary to get it done just seemed too large.

We’re not a pair of architects living the Grand Designs’ dream; we’re just a normal couple with a limited budget.

Anyway, it’s too late to go back now. We’ve already got the keys.