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Aspen Self Build – Case Study

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Stewart Orr, a local joiner, and his wife Heather started a
Self Build project building ‘Aspen’ in spring 2010. The started by building a chalet on site to live in for the duration of the project. “18 long months later we’re almost finished and have moved in to our new home that is better than we could have ever imagined at the start of the project. Jewson have been excellent and helped us throughout the build with sourcing products from “Bendy” Plywood for my stair stringer to machined Siberian larch cladding for the outside of the house”

Aspen is an excellent build to demonstrate the wide range of products that Jewson, along with its sister companies can provide, many of these companies were involved  with this project ;  Pasquill Roof trusses provided the Glulam beams and Pozi-Joists for the floor, Siberian larch cladding and balu decking along with all structural timber from International Timber, Floor and wall tiles from C.T.D., German Kitchen through Jewson Orkney and Bathroom products through Ideal Bathrooms.

Great Success at our Redhill Branch Sustainability Day

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Our Sustainability Day at our Redhill branch on 28th July was a great success with over 130 customers attending. We also had 20 suppliers in attendance and they agreed that is was the best sustainability event we’ve held yet! Here is some footage from the day…

Our next Sustainability Days will be at our Millington Branch in Leicester on 15th September and Our Exeter Branch on 6th October. Look out for more details!

Tour de Jewson 2011 – Supporting Barnardos

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Here at Jewson we are really proud of our involvement with the Together Charity. We’re extremely committed to supporting the community and as a reflection of this we are pleased to announce that the 2011 Tour de Jewson will run from 12th-24th of September.

Following on from the success of the 2010 Tour de Jewson, which raised £21k for our then charity partner Help the Hospices, Jewson staff, suppliers and customers will once more cycle an epic 1800 miles across the UK to raise funds for our new ‘together’ charity partner Barnardos.

Barnardos is committed to working with the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and neglected children in the UK believing that children deserve the best start in life regardless of their circumstances, race, gender or disability.

Since its launch in 2002, Jewson’s ‘together’ charity programme has raised over £1.7 million for some great causes including the British Heart Foundation, Great Ormond Street, Cancer Research UK and most recently Help the Hospices.

If you’d like to support out team you can donate online by visiting

The aim for this year is to raise £20,000 at least so please help us to raise as much money as possible!


Glidden Contract Matt Paint

Posted by Blog Team | Posted in Products & Services | Posted on 24-08-2011

Need to stock up on paint soon? Then good news: we’ve now added Glidden Contract Matt to our branded paint offering and you can pick it up today in our current Trade Deals!

Glidden offers a wide range of paints with an extensive choice of colours. Starting from standard products such as gloss, undercoat, vinyl matt and vinyl silk, the Glidden offering now includes eggshell (both acrylic and solvent based), soft sheen, primers, masonry paint and floor paint. No wonder it’s the UK’s fastest growing paint brand!

With our Trade Deals (on offer until 1st October 2011) you can enjoy additional savings when you buy Glidden Contract Matt 10ltr (white/magnolia) as part of a multi-buy deal – so don’t miss out!

Creaking and squeaking: not the sounds you want your floorboards to make! Try No Squeak

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It’s late at night and you are on a secret mission to the kitchen.  It matters not that all you are going there for is a glass of water; you must employ the tactics and the skill of a night ninja so you don’t wake the baby or your sleeping partner with the creaking floorboards! 

Alternatively you could of course sort the floor problem out once and for all, but of course that might take the fun out of the night missions to the kitchen and is just another thing on your DIY jobs list the length of your arm…  If you did decide to put the ninja in you to bed though you could change the floor once and for all by using the new No Squeak adhesive that’s designed for installing P5 chipboard floor panels.

No Squeak’s tough polyurethane adhesive allows for fewer mechanical fixings and is completely flexible.  It’s the sound absorbing element that will ensure you don’t have to creep to the kitchen anymore, and it is easy and quick to use with less nails and fewer screws required to do the job.  Result? You can potter round the house all night if you want to without waking the baby, and if you want to carry on employing James Bond esque tactics to do so that is completely up to you!

You’ve got a few options when it comes to tackling your creaking floorboards-We’ve also had a look around at other hints and tips on fixing creaky and squeaky floorboards and there are plenty of them.  Have you put any of these methods into practice? 

  1. Fixing a Squeaky Floor from This Old House
  2. How to Fix Squeaky Floors from DIY Network
  3. How to stop floor squeaks through the carpet from Home Remodel workshop
  4. Methods to silence a squeaky floor from The Natural Handyman
  5. The Final Word on how to fix squeaky floors from pBredford

There has been some serious effort in working out the different approaches to this particular niggling problem.  We’d be really interested to hear your views on both the above and if you’ve tried No Squeak how you found the end result?  If you haven’t tried it yet give it a shot before 27th August as its part of our Price Blitz offer until then.  Right, time for a glass of water.

No Squeak is part of our Price Blitz offer from 15th August – 27th August. Ask in branch for more information!

WISA-Twin Plywood – The Sustainable Option

Posted by Blog Team | Posted in Products & Services | Posted on 23-08-2011

WISA–Twin represents a step forward in plywood manufacturing using timber from sustainable, well-managed PEFC forests. It has a softwood spruce core and a hardwood birch face. 

WISA-Twin has many benefits – it’s lightweight and easy to handle, minimizes health and safety issues and has good machining properties. Also, WISA-Twin plywood is much easier to paint and stain and due to its softwood core it’s lighter than other plywoods, yet still retains all the structural and weather resistant features that traditional plywood has. It is priced as a viable alternative to traditional plywood. 

Now we’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and by using WISA-Twin you can save endangered species of trees and wildlife – WISA-Twin will help construction companies reduce the environmental impact of their activity. Being sourced from Finland and not the Far East also greatly reduces the carbon footprint involved in the manufacture and transportation of the product. 

WISA-Twin plywood is a great choice for a wide range of jobs and provides high quality at an affordable price! 

Click here to find out more about WISA-Twin or ask in branch.

Altro Whiterock – PVC Wall Cladding System

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Are you working on an installation that calls for a more hygienic wall covering?

Then check out the new Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding system, which is now available in white at Jewson branches nationwide. 

This unique and practical cladding system is particularly suited to commercial kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, toilet cubicles as it offers exceptional dimensional stability and impact resistance, as well as a consistent hygienic surface finish, free of lines and extrusion marks.

The good news for trade professionals is that it can also be installed over existing surfaces with the minimum of fuss or disruption and once installed – is easy to clean!

Cempolatex – saves you time!

Posted by Blog Team | Posted in Products & Services | Posted on 19-08-2011

If you’re looking to save time then Cempolatex could be the perfect product for you! Cempolatex is latex modified self-leveling sub-floor compound. It can be used on concrete, sand/cement screeds, quarry tiles, rigid timber floors, stone block and terazzo floors, asphalt floors, floor topping, concrete re-surfacer and patching!

Cempolatex is protein-free so is suitable for use in hygiene and food preparation areas. It is flexible and self leveling. It is for interior use only.

Wondering how it would save you time? Well it has a rapid setting formula which will ensure you get the job done quicker which leaves you time to nip down the pub!

Cempolatex is featured in our Trade Deals from 15th August – 1st October so make sure to pick up your bags now! Click here to look at the product data sheet.

North East golfers score a hole in one for charity

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Congratulations to the team of golfers from our North Shields, Prudhoe and Newcastle Central branches who raised £600 for Barnardo’s by taking part in a gruelling 17 hour golf marathon.

Mark O’Halleron, Dave Farrow, Simon Best and Martin Wilkinson tee-d off at 4.20 am at Stocksfield Golf Course to begin playing the 72 holes and didn’t finish until 9.30pm that evening. Throughout the course of the day they walked more than 16 miles – each carrying their own 25kg golf bags.

The highlight of the day was a spectacular hole in one from Mark O’Halleron, Sales Executive at the North Shields branch – and the team quickly reminded him about the club tradition that meant he had to buy everyone in the clubhouse a drink!

The team did fantastically well to raise such a large amount of money and had great fun while doing it.  Have you got any good stories about raising money for charity?  We’d love to hear them, so please get in touch!