What not to say to your apprentice…

written by Blog Team February 20, 2019
What not to say to your apprentice…

Apprentices. They come in handy sometimes, hey…

We’ve been having a think about what things we probably should NOT be telling our apprentices. They’re a great bunch and generally eager to please. Here’s a brief guide on how to keep them on-side.

‘Back in my day…’ – Yes and back then we all thought we’d have our own hoverboards by now. Get a grip, Graham.

‘Are you telling me you don’t know how to [INSERT ACTIVITY OF CHOICE]?’ Look. We all have to start somewhere. Be patient, even when it’s at least the tenth time they’ve asked. Unless they’re asking how to make a brew, in which case, have a stern word.

‘Fetch me a cuppa will ya?’ – It’s not always the apprentice’s turn. Introduce a rota for crying out loud.

‘If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times’ – Yes, but we’re ALL LEARNING aren’t we, Joe.

‘Just checking you understand how to use one of these’ – If they don’t, make sure they feel like you’ll explain how.

‘Shame about that match last night’ – Let’s not terrorise the poor kid when their team loses. Check in with your apprentice every now and again, and make sure you’re supporting them wherever you can. They’re a sound bunch and the future of our industry. And people like that Pete from four years ago who accidentally cemented himself to a newly-pointed wall are a rarity.

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