A Juicy surprise for Dave!

written by Blog Team July 27, 2017
A Juicy surprise for Dave!

Picture the scene. You get a phone call from our Juice rewards scheme team saying you’ve won 250,000 Juice points. That’s enough for a holiday – a good one too.

Well, that’s the position Jewson customer, Dave Fussell, was in.

We had a chat to him about how he’s planning to spend the points and whether fame has gone to his head…

What kind of trade are you in?

I’m a property developer so typically I buy building materials from Jewson for the house renovations.

When did you find out you’d won? How did you feel?

I found out on the fruit machine on the Juicy July website and was in disbelief – I thought there must have been a mistake! When the Juice rewards team confirmed it the next day, I was over the moon.

What will you spend the points on? Are you considering a holiday?

I think I’ll probably spend the points on some new tech rather than a holiday: I certainly need a new laptop!

What do you think of the Juice rewards scheme?

I think it’s fab, obviously! I’d definitely recommend it to other tradespeople. Being given points and rewards for buying items you’re going to buy anyway can only be a good idea.

Get juicy like Dave and sign yourself up at www.juicerewards.co.uk. If you hurry up, you’ll also get double points until 31st July 2017: THAT’S MONDAY!

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