Cover Up, Mate!

written by Blog Team June 28, 2017
Cover Up, Mate!

Burn, baby burn!

Or, don’t.

Pink, stinging skin isn’t exactly what you need when you’re trying to relax after a hard day of graft. And definitely not when your other half is chasing you round with the aloe vera gel…

Sun exposure is actually a really big problem for tradespeople, for the very simple reason that they work outside a lot.

That’s why we’re backing the NHS’ new campaign, ‘Cover up, mate!’

It’s all about looking out for others on-site and making sure nobody gets too pink.

Here are some quick tips to help:

• Don’t just think about sun protection in the height of summer. There were high levels of UV as early as April this year
• Try to minimise sun exposure between 11am and 3pm – if you have to be on-site, make sure you cover up and look out for one another
• Throw some shade (or just seek some out)
• Make sure you never burn
• Use at least factor 15 sun cream

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