QUIZ: bricks or banter?

written by Blog Team May 2, 2017
QUIZ: bricks or banter?

If you work with bricks day in, day out, you get to know those heavy rectangular blighters pretty well.

But how well?

We’ve put together a quiz – just tell us if the varieties below are real (bricks) or made up (banter).

  1. Golden Buff
  2. Dorking Red
  3. Tasteful Nude
  4. London Stock
  5. Chicken Stock
  6. Farmhouse Brown
  7. Morning Rise
  8. Old English Russet
  9. Grandad’s Shed

Answers: 1 Brick, 2 Brick, 3 Banter, 4 Brick, 5 Banter, 6 Brick, 7 Banter, 8 Brick, 9 Banter


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