BOB’s guide to… not-quite-summer landscaping

written by Blog Team February 22, 2017
BOB’s guide to… not-quite-summer landscaping

It’s a bit wet and chilly at the moment, isn’t it? Makes you just want to stay inside, wrapped up all warm and cosy…

However, if you work outside a lot, it’s pretty likely that your bills and commitments don’t heed the weather. Luckily for you, we’re here with some solutions to help you work outdoors, even when it’s not too sunny.

All hands on deck

Real, hardwood decking is a thing of beauty, but it doesn’t half need some maintenance. If you want to give your customers a solution that’ll last through winter and beyond, consider a composite timber alternative.

Dura Deck, for example, is made from wood fibre, plastic and binding agents – making it denser and longer lasting than traditional wood decking. It is more expensive initially, but there’s no need to paint or treat it (a relief when it’s chucking it down) and it won’t need replacing a few years down the line – something we’re sure your customers will appreciate.

Don’t be a grass

Put the days of working in a boggy garden behind you by recommending an artificial grass alternative. It’s hard weathering and you can even learn how to fit it in your local Jewson branch with dedicated Grono School of Grass days.

Examine the landscape

Did you know that 143 of our branches are specialists in landscaping? Well, now you do. Give us a visit and we can recommend all the products and techniques to landscape all year round – and give your customers solutions that stand the test of time, too.

Join the YouTubers

No, we’re not suggesting you set up a prank channel or start reviewing all the post you get in front of a webcam in your bedroom. There are so many channels out there with helpful how-tos and product demonstrations that can come in very handy indeed. It could be a lifesaver when you’re working with tricky conditions or looking for solutions that will stand the test of time.

We’ve been ‘paving’ about Marshalls TV’s channel.

Where’s your shed at?

Do you know Jewson sells sheds now? Not to mention… shed-loads (sorry!) of products to repair, preserve and protect them. For more info, pick up our Landscaping Catalogue.

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