Go Juice, it’s your birthday!

written by Blog Team January 24, 2017
Go Juice, it’s your birthday!

We’re gonna party like it’s our birthday… because Juice has just turned one!

To celebrate, we’ve given it a party hat, been whacking out the jelly and ice cream AND have been on tour to give out the cake.

Following the reet good feedback we got about our Keith Lemon lookalike at Jewson Live 2015, (#CelebrityJewson – see what we did there?!) we’ve taken him to branches around the UK.

We might even have filmed it all on a huge, 90s style camcorder like the proud parents we are. Watch this space!

If you’re not quite up to speed, Juice by Jewson allows members to earn a fantastic range of exclusive rewards and benefits simply for trading with us.

From ale and wine, to cars and holidays, the fantastic prizes mean it really is worth racking up those points.

If you don’t believe us about how fantastic Juice is, here’s what happened when we gave away 1 million Juice points at Jewson Live. That’s a LOT of points.

This year’s Jewson Live marks the first birthday of Juice by Jewson. We spoke to Tony Munro about Juice and the day’s events.

Tell us about the Juice Million Points draw…

Today we drew one customer out at random who’d taken part in a promotion we’ve been running across our branches by buying certain products. We made the phone call from the show to tell the lucky customer they’d won one million Juice points.

How did they react?

They seemed pretty surprised! It’s probably still sinking in – a million points is a fantastic prize and you could do a lot with that. They were obviously really pleased, a great Christmas present for them!

What can a million bonus points be exchanged for?

A million bonus points, unbelievably, can be exchanged for prizes including a car, a luxury cruise for your whole family – you could probably go to Las Vegas with friends two or three times! It really is the top end, getting you access to some really great prizes.

How easy is it for people to register?

Really easy! You can register online at www.juicerewards.co.uk or go into your local branch where they’ll be able to help you. It’s very straightforward and takes two minutes online, then you’re collecting points straight away.

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