We’re Putting Safe T First

written by Blog Team July 16, 2013
We’re Putting Safe T First

Health and safety is our number one priority, which is why we’ve launched an innovative and industry-leading new health and safety system that means our commercial vehicle drivers avoid unnecessary risk when loading and making deliveries.

By the end of 2014 we will fit 450 of our vehicles with a new Drop Side Fall Restraint System and a crane bulk bag Safety System.

The unique Dropside Fall Restraint System acts as a barrier on both sides and rear of the vehicle. It allows our drivers to pull up to site, release the sides of their vehicles and secure the restraint in place with both hands – so they don’t get their fingers trapped. This means our drivers can access the load-space on the vehicle securely preventing any accidents. Then once the delivery is complete, they can simply remove the restraint and replace the sides of the vehicle.

The crane bulk bag system automatically grabs a vehicle’s load and lifts it onto site. This means our drivers don’t need to be on the vehicle bed when this is taking place – removing them from harms way.

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